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Spotting Info
Before departing for Banjul airport, check the wind direction as you'll need to be sat on the correct side of the aircraft to see all the ramps here. For runway 32 arrivals, you'll need to sit on the right/starboard window seat. As you cross the threshold you'll see the airliner storage immediately on the right, currently containing 9 aircraft: C5-GAB YS11, OB-1644 F27, C5-GNM IL62, c5-EUN B732, C5-IFY B732, C5-ZNA B732, C5-OBJ B732 (one of these four 737s is just beyond the two B727s and is missing many parts), C5-ADA B727 and another, unidentified B727.

After this you'll pass a large ramp on the right which may contain one or two biz, and then the terminal ramp itself. Hopefully you'll continue past it as the military ramp is on the right, containing "81 blue" Su25, DOSA-2 AT802, N103TA Sabreliner (stored with a broken windscreen since 2008), plus the as yet unidentified second AT802 and a Ce337. Beyond this ramp, in the long grass, is an unidentified twin turboprop, maybe a Beech.
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