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From time to time, affiliates advise of their latest deals on hotel rooms, air fares and car hire. There are also often flash sales with very good discounts lasting between 24-72 hours. These deals will be displayed here, either helping you to lower the cost of your trip, or helping you make a decision on where to go next

Civil Aircraft Markings 2013 and Military Aircraft Markings 2013 are available to pre-order right now.
They are both currently 31% off and with free delivery so order now before the offer ends.
The books are due out around the usual time, March 2013

Winter 2012-2013 offers with Swiss:
Birmingham - Zurich from £115
Birmingham - Basel from £116

London (LHR) - Zurich from £120
London (LHR) - Geneva from £111

London (LCY) - Basel from £99

Manchester - Zurich from £145
Manchester - Geneva from £167 prices are UK return and include taxes and charges - prices change weekly so get in there quickly!
Australia flights from £665
Sydney     from £665
Melbourne  from £684
Perth     from £813
Brisbane     from £852
Adelaide     from £835
Alicante     from £59
Amsterdam   from £62
Barcelona     from £56
Berlin     from £87
Copenhagen from £169
Faro        from £65
Istanbul     from £111
Larnaca     from £108
Paris       from £66
Prague       from £50 ▼
Rome      from £68
Tenerife     from £89
Venice        from £66
Chicago       from £416
Honolulu     from £613
Las Vegas    from £501
Los Angeles   from £480
Miami       from £419
New York    from £381
Orlando       from £386
San Francisco from £489
Bangkok     from £492
Beijing       from £433
Delhi       from £435
Goa         from £499
Hong Kong   from £489
Kuala Lumpur from £498
Maldives       from £531
Manila       from £491
Mumbai     from £406
Phuket       from £649
Shanghai    from £499
Singapore     from £445
NEW ROUTE: Emirates to Adelaide via Dubai
from £835 return

UK to Rome and Venice, Italy from £65 return
  Africa & Middle East
Cape Town     from £494
Dubai       from £315
Johannesburg from £518
Marrakech   from £89
Mauritius     from £616
Sharm       from £168
Tunis        from £167
Auckland    from £729
Christchurch  from £749
Fiji        from £748
Melbourne  from £651
Perth     from £745
Sydney     from £669
Barbados    from £475
Buenos Aires from £569
Cancun       from £594
Rio        from £480
St Lucia      from £599
Toronto    from £367
Vancouver  from £419

How does it feel to fly with the best ? USA to Asia with Etihad Airways in 2013:
Boston to Abu Dhabi     US$1651

Dallas to Hyderabad       US$1780

Kansas City to Islamabad     US$1713

Miami to Dubai           US$1594

Washington to Lahore     US$1719
Washington to Abu Dhabi     US$1566

NEW KLM route: Amsterdam to Manston
Commencing 02APR13, KLM offers a twice daily
flight from Amsterdam to Manston. Open to book
now, from £99 return including taxes

PLUS, other UK airports to Amsterdam,
incl Heathrow and Manchester, from £79 return