Aircraft Spotting at Worcestershire's Airfields and Airports

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Spotting Info
Take the B4194 from Bewdley to Buttonbridge. After about 3 miles turn right (it's the only right turn) to Pound Green village and the strip is signposted on the right a few hundred yards down. Friendly microlight strip but you must ask at the house first before proceeding to the strip. The owner lives here and is very friendly but you must stop in here first. Two main hangars and the individual lockups have gaps to peek through.
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Spotting Info
Head north out of Defford village on the A4104 and after you pass the B4080 turn on the right signed Eckington, the collection is on the left. Just after the single track you'll find a large entrance to some buildings, unfortunately if the gates here are locked you won't be able to get in and see the warbirds. If they're open, head through and find someone to ask. You're on private property so you need to make your presence known. They are friendly and usually happy for you to drive round and see them. The warbirds are behind the large building, you need to head down the right hand side of it to see them. Would suggest a weekday visit for a better chance of the gates being open, unless someone can suggest otherwise.
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Spotting Info
From Defford village head south on the A4104. Head over the railway line and take the second road on the right. Around the bend it splits into five tracks, take the first - a sharp left. At the end, this track splits into 3, turn left here and follow the track around to the right for the strip. Friendly, ask for access. Note there is a disused airfield just north of here which this entrance does not lead to.
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Spotting Info
Go to the village church on south side of village. Almost opposite side of road is a track, which leads to the west end of the runway. The hangar is at the far end of the runway, next to the trees beside the river.
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