Aircraft Spotting at Tyne and Wear's Airfields and Airports

Spotting locations, viewing areas and advice on access for airports and airfields in Tyne and Wear. Use the hotlinks above or scroll down for spotting information on spotting locations, airfield hangar access, aviation museums, preserved aircraft. Plus all the information has been plotted as Points of Interest and can be downloaded to your SatNavs and Google Earth to make planning your spotting trips abroad so much easier and helping you log many more

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Spotting in the UK v1.5 - 620+ UK locations, hotels, viewing areas and 170+ wrecks and relics have been plotted on Google Earth's detailed satellite imagery and can be added to your SatNav - click to download. Planning your spotting trip has never been easier. Please read the Download Instructions for example screenshots and further details
Spotting Info
North of city on A696, these viewing spots are marked in the Spotting in the UK download. If you're flying out, airside views are fantastic.

  • The walkway over the Metro station at the terminal, and the footpath to the north of the terminal building leading to the long-term car provide views. As you exit the terminal, if you turn left you have limited views of the aircraft parked on the south side of the pier, as well as the south side general aviation ramp. If they're using 07 you can see them taxi out from here. Aircraft landing on 25 which go to the Samson facility on the opposite side of the airfield from the terminal can be read off but decent optics are needed. There is no shelter here, but there are bus shelters nearby and with the use of a radio, you need not get too wet.

  • Head towards the Premier Inn on foot and adjacent is a bus stop and bridge below the base of the tower. From here you can view the hangars on the right, then carry on down the road to the first left turn and up the hill for views of the freight and overnight parking. Alternatively if you turn right you can see those parked on the north side of the pier, as well as the north ramp, which is normally used by the cargo operators, biz and charter flights. Depending on which runway is in use and where you stand you should not miss any arrivals or departures.

  • On the south side, C-GWJO B732 is in a compound for use by the Newcastle Aviation Academy and easily viewed from this area. However it's very difficult to see from the terminal side, so you'll have to be on the right side of your flight if you're flying in or out. If you leave the terminal, turn right and walk towards the long term car park - if you look back towards the end of the pier you can get a distant, nose on view through the southside buildings as long as aircraft don't block the view. There are more aircraft inside the Academy - ask at reception if it's possible to have a quick look in the workshop. They are friendly and if someone is available, they usually take you in to see them.

  • Beyond the B732 is the cargo ramp which will be occupied if you're lucky. The Samson and flying club car park is pay and display so don't leave your vehicle. Be aware that the south side of the airport is policed and under a by-law you are officially not supposed to be over there, so don't stop for any length of time or, at best, you'll be moved on.
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    Spotting Info
    Signposted from the A19. Museum website North East Aviation Museum. Has a full list of aircraft on display. Very friendly museums and the volunteers are extremely helpful. Some exhibits are in a seperate storage/restoration area normally off limits to museum visitors. If you enquire about seeing these exhibits, or if you take a list with you and ask where the others are, if available someone should take you to see them.

    Next to the museum is 2214 Squadron ATC who have Vampire XD622 and the cockpit of F4 Phantom XV460. They may be visible from the museum area but if not, turn right out of the museum car park and take the next right. The aircraft are just on the right and visible through the trees or at the entrance to the squadron.
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