Aircraft Spotting at Rutland's Airfields and Airports

Spotting locations, viewing areas and advice on access for airports and airfields in Rutland. Use the hotlinks above or scroll down for spotting information on spotting locations, airfield hangar access, aviation museums, preserved aircraft. Plus all the information has been plotted as Points of Interest and can be downloaded to your SatNavs and Google Earth to make planning your spotting trips abroad so much easier and helping you log many more

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Spotting Info
Home to just a few stored Harriers now. XW917 Harrier is the gate guard at the main entrance and is marked in the Spotting in the UK download.
RAF Cottesmore Viewing Guide
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Spotting Info
Head east out of Empingham on A606 towards Stamford. After a long left hand bend the Lodge is on your left. Turn right opposite the Lodge and the strip and two hangars are half a mile on the right. Aircraft are easily visible through the doors if no one is around to ask for access but if this is the case, the gate on the track is often locked shut.
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Spotting Info
Just north of North Luffenham village, their locations are marked in the Spotting in the UK download.

  • XV804 Harrier is near the southern perimeter track. To see it, head south towards North Luffenham village from Edith Weston and it should come into view on your left. If not, continue straight on (not right into North Luffenham village) and turn left at the crossroads onto Butt Lane. The Harrier should come into view looking straight ahead and to the left. Or you can follow to the end where there is a gap in the trees.

  • XP344 Whirlwind marked "8764M" is lying on its side dumped at the edge of the copse in the southern part of the base. From the taxiway the ground slopes down and can't be seen from the tarmac, so you need to go down the track and you'll see it in front of you.

  • XT905 Phantom is on the eastern part of the base and can be seen from the nearby track. Head west out of Ketton on Empingham Road and just before you get to the base, turn left at the crossroads and follow to the end. You'll need to go beyond the line of trees to see the Phantom, which appears to be on the base, but dog walkers frequent the base without hassle.

  • Alternatively, all 3 can be found by entering through the main entrance. It's off Welland Road and just beyond the golf course. Continue through and you can see the Phantom straight ahead and somewhat distant. Turn right as you come through the entrance and you'll pass a practice green on your left. Continue down, past the cones and wall towards the old control tower then follow the fenceline on the right. You'll see the Harrier on your left, turn left when you can and follow the road that leads up to and past the Harrier. You can get a good photograph here. Continue past the Harrier and watch the fence on your right. When it disappears down towards a copse, follow the tyre tracks down to it and the Whirlwind will come into view. It's on the edge of the copse but lying on its side. Back up to the road and turn right. Follow the road round to the Phantom.
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