Aircraft Spotting at Merseyside's Airfields and Airports

Spotting locations, viewing areas and advice on access for airports and airfields in Merseyside. Use the hotlinks above or scroll down for spotting information on spotting locations, airfield hangar access, aviation museums, preserved aircraft. Plus all the information has been plotted as Points of Interest and can be downloaded to your SatNavs and Google Earth to make planning your spotting trips abroad so much easier and helping you log many more

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Spotting Info
The racecourse is in the northern part of Liverpool, in the middle of the M57, the A59 and the A506 and well signposted. During the Grand National, the helipad gets extremely busy with movements and these can be viewed from the public rough ground at the end of Barlow's Lane overlooking the Beechers Brook jump at the southern end of the course.
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Spotting Info
Take the A565 north out of Ince Blundell. After a mile turn right, the airfield is signposted. Careful though, very busy dual carriageway. Friendly, ask for access. Worth ringing beforehand though as airfield may be shut and entrance gate locked.
West Lancashire Microlight School
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Spotting in the UK v1.5 - 620+ UK locations, hotels, viewing areas and 170+ wrecks and relics have been plotted on Google Earth's detailed satellite imagery and can be added to your SatNav - click to download. Planning your spotting trip has never been easier. Please read the Download Instructions for example screenshots and further details

Terminal Area Spotting Info
Off M62 at J6, follow signs, these viewing spots are marked in the Spotting in the UK download. Main Terminal - Car park is £1.50 minimum and the only place to view is to come out of the terminal and turn right, walk through the car park and see what is parked at the side of the terminal - this is normally Easyjet A319s. Ryanair tend to park at the front of the terminal. If you come out of the terminal and turn left you can walk to the roundabout and turn left and see some more of the ramp. In the car, as you drive round the terminal area there is a very small gap at the eastern end to see aircraft parked out on the stands outside these hangars. To see some biz that may park away from the GA area, you need to head towards the fuel farm. As you leave the terminal, at the roundabout where you'd turn to exit, head straight across. There is a gate across the road which is usually open, and there is a security hut down that road, but they won't normally bother you if don't hang around too long.

East Side Spotting Info & Light Aircraft
Light aircraft are parked on the east side of the airport near the 27 threshold and can not be seen from terminal. Drive out of terminal and take first right onto Dunlop Road. Follow road past control tower and keep going until you see light aircraft on your right. There are plenty of pulling in places and you can park on the pavement alongside the fence. Take the next right, Dungeon Lane, and the next right again for the GA and flying schools. Most can be logged from the car park though for a small donation to charity you may be taken round the hangars. If you are on public transport, take the 89a Arriva bus and ask the driver to drop you off at Dungeon Lane. Then cross the road and it's around a 10-15 minute walk. Buses are every 20 mins during the day.

The Mound
If 27 is in use, The Mound is the best place to log the movements and take photos. From the light aircraft area above, simply continue south down Dungeon Lane and you will see the mound on your left - an excellent vantage point.

Former Speke Airport
To view G-ANCF Britannia fuselage, G-JMAC J41, G-AMLZ Prince, G-ORAL HS748 nose, G-BEJD HS748, G-SEXY AA1 and dismantled Meteor WH291, they are visible round the back of the old airport terminal, now the Liverpool Crown Plaza hotel. Go past the hotel on your left with the FSM DH89 Dragon Rapide BAPC-280 marked "G-AJCL" on the roundabout, to the next set of lights, and turn left onto Bank's Road. Go down here to a big stone gateway on the left, turn left at the roundabout and go through it onto Garston Shore Road. Go along the edge of the Mersey (should be on your right) and take the next left turning onto Dakota Drive. Continue straight ahead and when you see the old tower on your left in the distance go up to the right hand bend. Turn right and immediately pull over on the left. Park up and walk up a slight bank for great views across to the old terminal. The Britannia and the others will be straight in front of you. Alternatively, you may be able to see across from the business parks on the east side of the old terminal complex.

North West Air News, NWAN Forum
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Spotting Info
On the left off the A565 north of Formby. The grobs parked outside their hangar are easy to read off from the crash gate and fence but beware the extremely busy road. You'll need to park off the road and well clear of the gate. There is also a GA hangar just past the tower but unfortunately you can't see this very well and it is usually shut.
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