Aircraft Spotting at the Isle of Wight's Airfields and Airports

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Spotting Info
On B3395 between Bembridge and Brading. No access to Britten-Norman, not even to look in the windows. Ask for permission to walk the grass, it will help to have your own hi-viz jacket but you will probably be refused. It's ok to park by the tower and log though. The gliders are on the other side, you'll pass it coming from the B3395 main road and The Propellor Inn is a good place to stop for food and watch the movements. The gliding club are friendly, ask for access to their hangar. OK to view from car park but photography is forbidden and you will be moved on. A view from Battery Hill is good for a walk and has an overview of the airfield. You can often log the aircraft behind the hangar.
Bembridge Airport
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Spotting Info
Head east in to town on the A3054 and turn right at the mini roundabout onto Newnham Road. The road bends right, then left. Turn right onto Newnham Lane on this left bend. After a couple of bends strip is on the right.
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Spotting Info
West of town off A3056. Follow signs. Very friendly, ask ATC for ramp access, no problem. On the other side of the airfield is the Specialist Flying School. Ask in the clubhouse for access to their hangar. The Airframe Assemblies hangar has windows at the rear to view any aircraft inside if no one's there to ask for access.

Isle of Wight Airport Trust
"The Isle of Wight Flying Club is in the process of setting up a charitable trust to try and buy Isle of Wight Airport Sandown from the receivers. If we can raise enough money we would then look to run the airport as a not-for-profit organisation. Any donations would be gratefully received. At this time we are not asking for money just email with the amount you would like to pledge and your contact details, and we will add you to our list. When we need the money we will be in touch. People have asked if there is a minimum that they can donate or a maximum, the answer is no, all pledges help no matter what the size."

Public Transport
If you're not bringing your car over, you can get the train from Ryde Pier to Lake and it's about a 30 minute walk. Go under the line (foot tunnel) walk to the end of the road, turn right, turn left at the bottom of the hill, go past a school and Morrison's and you'll see the entrance on the right. Alternatively, walk to the main Sandown-Shanklin A3055 road from the station (5 minutes) and get the Newport bus to the airfield for £2.50.
Last reported February 2013. Want to update or confirm the information is still correct? Send in a report