Aircraft Spotting at Durham's Airfields and Airports

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Spotting in the UK v1.5 - 620+ UK locations, hotels, viewing areas and 170+ wrecks and relics have been plotted on Google Earth's detailed satellite imagery and can be added to your SatNav - click to download. Planning your spotting trip has never been easier. Please read the Download Instructions for example screenshots and further details
Spotting Info
On A67 east of Darlington.

  • Between the two main hangars are views of the biz ramp but don't loiter down here. Drive down, quickly log and then leave or you'll be moved on. Turn right past the hangars and round to the left, ignoring the first right turn. Take the next right for views of the FRA ramp and light aircraft. At the other end of the large GA hangar is a crash gate with good views of the ramp and the hangar if it's open, but park well clear of the gate. To your left here is the cargo building, the other side of this is another spot for a different angle on the GA ramp.

  • Sycamore Aviation are based in Hangar 1, the hangar closest to the terminal, and scrap airliners.

  • The fire dump is near the threshold of runway 23 on the eastern side of the airport, and most of the aircraft are visible from most areas of the airport and access road - G-AWZS Trident complete, G-BKIE SD330 forward fuselage marked "G-JON", G-AZLS Viscount fuselage are here and plotted in the Spotting in the UK download. Also present here is XP330 Whirlwind in a very bad state and is not visible from outside. In the south eastern corner are the fuselages of Viscount G-AZNC and PA38 G-BNGR. For any parked north side amongst the Serco Fire School buildings, near the hangars next to the terminal, follow the signs for Care Martyn/Spa Hotel on the road to the hangars/flying clubs. They'll be just round the corner. There may be some south side, located alongside the old runway 1 threshold, visible from the terminal areas at the railway station end. Aircraft parked at FRA are best viewed from the freight centre crash gate. If you contact the fire school in advance, you may be able to arrange to be taken over to the outside training area for some photographs and to see those that can't be seen from anywhere else. If you just turn up and ask, you may get lucky if someone's available to take you over.

    Teesside Airport Movements
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    Spotting Info
    Head north out of Sedgefield town on the A177. After the Bishop Middleham-Fishburn staggered crossroads, take the first right then it's right again before the farm, down a track. Entrance road is down in a dip and is easily missed. There is a sign to the farm and "Fishburn Aerodrome". Very friendly, ask in the clubhouse for access, though it may just be to log from any open hangar doors. No gaps in any of the hangars if they're shut. G-AYYX MS880 fuselage is on the dump, with its wings alongside.
    Fishburn Aero Club, Fishburn Airfield
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    Spotting Info
    From B1283/B1280 crossroads, head south towards Shotton Colliery town. Take the first left after about a mile (Shotton Road) and the airfield is on your left signed Shotton Airfield. Ask for access, they are usually friendly though it is sometimes denied. If this is the case, or if no one's there, any parked outside can be logged from the car park and there's a gap in the keyhole of the hangar door to maybe get one or two more.
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