Aircraft Spotting at Derbyshire's Airfields and Airports

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PRESERVED & STORED AIRCRAFT IN DERBYSHIRE - their locations are marked in the Spotting in the UK download

  • XM480 Jet Provost fuselage is at the car garage on the B6057 just south of Unstone Green village but before the A61. It's stored here in poor condition. beyond the fenceline at the back of the cars, but in front of the old rundown building. Not easily visible from the road, you'll need to get out and walk over to the garage. Last reported June 2012

  • G-IVYS Parsons Two-Place is still under construction at Ilkeston Car Sales. Ask them for permission to photograph it, they are friendly
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    Spotting Info
    From Tideswell village head north towards Bradwell on the B6049. Turn right towards Great Hucklow and follow the Gliding Club sign through the village. Continue up the hill and turn left, doubling back on yourself. Head up the hill and the entrance is on the left. Friendly, ask for access.
    Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club
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    Spotting Info
    Take the B6056 east out of Coal Aston village. After around 1 mile, turn right down Ash Lane. On the left, you will pass a gated entrance to a house and immediately afterwards, on the left, there are two tracks side by side. The first just leads to a couple of barns, so take the second and follow it to the farmyard. Ask permission at the farm, they are friendly and access should be granted. Head round the edge of the field to the right, keep going and you'll see the hangars in front of you. Take great care and keep a very good lookout as you will need to drive across the runway to get to the hangars. If the hangars are locked up, there are a couple of holes to log a couple of residents. Sometimes the track through the farm is extremely muddy and not easily accessible with a car. If this is the case, you'll be directed to the other track. If the gate is locked, and permission has been given, you are ok to climb over the gate and walk to the hangars.
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    Spotting Info
    Head south out of Ashbourne on A515. After Darley Moor raceway, take first left signed Yeaveley, and then almost immediately turn right, you'll see the windsock. Follow the long track parallel to the runway to the clubhouse. Very friendly, ask for access.
    Airways Air Sports
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    Spotting Info
    Southwest of Derby. Come off the A38 onto the A5132. Head west, ignore two turnings to Egginton, then take the next left, a small road to the airfield, after a sharp turn on a bridge. You must report to the office first to ask for access because they are understandably upset at people wandering around without asking - they are very friendly, so please don't spoil this. They'll show you around and talk about the frames and it's always an enjoyable visit. You can only gain access to the workshop with an escort and a donation is always appreciated, and well deserved in many opinions. If you aren't allowed in the workshop they'll read off the registrations for you. Beyond the hangars are several wrecks and there are a couple of wrecks between the main hangar and the maintenance hangar. In it's own portacabin is the superb restoration project DH88 Comet G-ACSP - they'll have to open it up for you but are usually open on Wednesday afternoons and we are very welcome to visit them. G-BETE Rollason Beta B2 is also under construction here in a separate part of the maintenance hangar and only visible if they are working on it.
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    Spotting Info
    Head north on A6096 from Derby, past the turning for Dale Abbey and turn left into Cat & Fiddle Lane. Within 100 yards on the right is a driveway with electric gates that is the entrance to the windmill that is a good reference point and the strip itself. Suspect access is only possible if you have called ahead to gain permission. The windmill is open to the public on occasions so it might be possible to get in then.
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    Spotting Info
    Head west out of Ilkeston on A609. go over Mapperley crossroads and head into Stanley Common. At the crossroads turn right towards Mapperley Park. After about a mile the road bends sharply to the right, just before this, on the left is the entrance to Park Hall Farm. The place is a riding stables as well as a microlight strip and as you approach the buildings there is a sign quite high up pointing to the strip, which is off to the right. There are two hangars - the one that the sign directs you towards has the rigged machines and there is another building back amongst the stables and general farm buildings. You must arrange your visit in advance, they are friendly and will grant access, please call 07974 466923 to do so.
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