Aircraft Spotting at Berkshire's Airfields and Airports

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PRESERVED & STORED AIRCRAFT IN BERKSHIRE - their locations are marked in the Spotting in the UK download

  • R4229 Hurricane replica is pole mounted at the west end of Alexandra Park in Windsor. Last reported February 2013

  • G-BSGV Rotorway Exec is displayed in the car park of A1 Motor Spares, Highland Avenue, Wokingham. Last reported March 2012
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    Spotting Info
    Head south out of Arborfield Cross village and at the roundabout turn left onto Langley Common Road. Take the next right onto Biggs Lane and turn left at the mini roundabout for the entrance. XP848 Scout and ZJ4549 BAe UAV are the gate guards. Most of the aircraft here are inside and off limits to casual visitors so you'll need to arrange a tour in advance - various aviation groups do arrange annual tours.
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    ASCOT RACECOURSE HELIPAD - TWR 121.175, PAD 132.9 (only used if TWR busy)

    Spotting Info
    Head north from Sunninghill on B383 and turn left after no more than a mile, signed 'Village Hall'. You'll see Watersplash Lane on your right - immediately after this, turn right down a track. Follow this round to the left, past the lake, up the hill, and turn right at the heliport signs. Park up sensibly and ask in the control tower for permission, they are very friendly. You should be ok to walk down the line, but only behind the barrier. If you visit in the afternoon they do a tour around 2:30pm for a small fee that goes to charity. This tour will allow you airside to take photos. Only visit during Ascot week as it's only active then - well worth it as it gets very busy.
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    Spotting Info
    Head south on A329(M) towards Bracknell. As the motorway part ends, turn left at the roundabout on B3408. At the next roundabout with a hotel on the right, turn right past said hotel. After the ski complex on your right, turn right at the next roundabout. Go past South View Road on your left and keep following the road - it'll bend left with unsafe buildings on your right, then bend right with further scrap yards on your left and then it'll open out a bit. G-ASXF Brantley and G-BPCJ C150 are on your right in front of a house. G-AYNS Airmaster helicopter is in a separate container along with an unidentified homebuilt helicopter and G-BJOD Hollman autogyro is stored in a large barn on site, you'll need to ask to see them. There is also an unregistered Thorpe T211 being built and the unregistered frame of a Revolution Mini-500 helicopter hangs in the rafters in a shed here. Hanging up in the rafters of another building here is an EAA/Pitts type fuselage frame.
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    Spotting Info
    West of Aldermaston. Head north out of Heath End on A340. Once in Aldermaston, turn left down minor road (possibly signed Brimpton). After about half a mile you will reach the farm, turn right just before it and continue 200 yards to the strip. Friendly, ask for access.
    Brimpton Airfield
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    Spotting Info
    Head southeast out of Eastbury, towards East Garston. As you enter the village, turn left (Rogers Lane?) and left again (Front Street or Station Road). Head left immediately (Station Road?), follow round to right and it's the first farm on the left. The barn on the right contains Gazelle helicopters and at the top of the slope at the end of the barn, is the airstrip. Very unfriendly, do not visit without prior permission.
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    Spotting Info
    Head east out of Hampstead Norreys on B4009 towards Aldworth. Go past the entrance to the Living Rainforest attraction and round a sharp left hand bend. After 300 yards you will see Haw Farm on the left. Turn left up the track towards the farm. The track forks with the farm on the right. Take the left fork towards a large barn. Go past the barn towards what looks like a ploughed field. The hangar on the right by the field has a green mesh screen on the front so the two residents in here can be logged from outside. Beyond this is an open-ended silver blister hangar housing two more residents. To the left is the grain store and there's sometimes an aircraft parked the other side of this. Away to the left you can see the VOR. The track that leads round to the VOR also leads to some buildings, where two more residents live in an old pig store. You can't just drive over to see these though, you'll need to ask if you can go over there.
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    Spotting Info
    Head east out of Hungerford town on the A4 and take the first right, it's just before the staggered crossroads. As you turn in, ignore the first left, then head left and park up. The workshop is up on the right, with the storage barn on the right. If the engineer isn't there, it'll be locked up and you won't log anything so it's best to contact Newbury Aeroplane Company in advance to arrange your visit.
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    Spotting Info
    Head south out of Lambourn on B4000. After a couple of miles turn right and go over the M4.

  • Almost immediately over the motorway, Southern Sailplanes have their works on the left hand side. This large building on the right is the Southern Sailplane workshops and is split into different sections. If no one is present there are windows all around it to log everything parked inside in the different sections. There are also wrecks dumped in the trees but be careful of the nettles. Their current projects and stored aircraft are: G-BAZC wreck fuselage in back shed, G-EECC on rebuild, G-AWHX in main building, YR-EWG wings in back shed, G-BXGZ on rebuild, G-AHAG on rebuild, G-BPZP fuselage outside and G-AHGD part of fuselage in back shed.

  • A bit less than a mile further on, on the right, seemingly going into an industrial/farm complex is a road which, if followed, comes out by the strip. Friendly, ask for access.

  • There is a larger hangar in the northern part of the airfield near the services and lorry park, they are also friendly. If you are unable to drive up to this hangar from the south side, it can be accessed via the M4 lorry park - exit the westbound M4 carriageway and head towards the BP garage. Ignore the first left turn that takes you to the Service area. Carry straight on with the M4 on your right and take the 2nd left into the lorry park. Go around the lorry park until you are by the garage. With the garage on your right, you will see lots of breakdown recovery vehicles parked up on the left. You will find a gap between these vehicles which allows entry towards a small car park on the airfield with the hangar on your right. You can then walk through to the hangar - there is usually someone in the hangar, or if not, in the vehicle recovery office.
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    Spotting Info
    Head east out of town on A4 towards Reading. You will encounter three roundabouts - Waitrose, Sony and Panasonic. The entrance is just off to the left of the Sony roundabout, follow the signs for TVSA. There are light aircraft based here, the TVSA just use the airfield as their base too. Follow the track round and park next to the first hangar. Ask in the caravan for access but it may be denied.
    TVSA - this is just for the directions and location.
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    Spotting Info
    Head north out of Brackenll on the A3095 towards Maidenhead. After a left turn (B3034 to Binfield), take the next left onto Bottle Lane straight after a shallow right hand bend. After a right hand bend take the next entrance on the right and follow the track round the field. Head round to the right after the trees for the strip. Friendly, ask for access. The owner of some aircraft here also owns the aircraft at Amen Corner. The trike of flexwing G-MNKJ is stored here and the fuselage on the workshop roof is from an unregistered A-21 Solo.
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    Spotting Info
    Head south out of Woodlands Park village on Waltham Road and it's on the right and signposted. Ask in the control room for access to the hangars, they are friendly and if someone is available they'll escort you round. This isn't always possible though.

  • On entering the airfield, turn left and drive past the black hangar. All aircraft on field easily viewed from here or the main car park. If Heathrow are using 09s, they turn onto finals over the airfield and you can read them off with binoculars.

  • Turn left out of airfield and take first left. Park down this residential road and walk back to the four hangars as a few aircraft are often parked here - it's becoming more difficult to log these due to the bushes.

  • Next, go back past the entrance to the airfield and park on the left on the gravel track. Walk across the road to the gate (mind the barbed wire) and look left, there are often aircraft parked behind that hangar that you won't be able to log from anywhere else. XA459 Gannet is stored, wings folded, between these two hangars but I don't know if it can be seen from here.

  • Continue down this road turn right after less than half a mile into a business park. Follow road to end and hangar is on right. Views from locked gate are adequate but do not go through gate.
    West London Aero Club - it has a webcam that is updated every 60 seconds.
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    Spotting Info
    Entrance is off Mohawk Way on the eastern edge of Woodley town, just up from the lakes and signposted. Very friendly. Open April-October 1030-1700 weekends, bank holidays and Wednesdays; November-March Sundays 1200-1600 and Wednesdays 1030-1600, admission is £3.50.
    Museum of Berkshire Aviation
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